Staying safe: how to be prepared in the modern world

Have you ever considered what you would do in an emergency? How would you keep yourself and others safe? In today’s uncertain world, it’s important to understand the likelihood of an emergency occurring and how to be more prepared. Understanding risk and improving personal resilience is key to effective emergency preparedness and response. Daily emergencies happen worldwide, however hearing about them depends on your location and the circumstances of the emergency.

Staying Safe: How to be
Prepared in the Modern World
a free online course produced by The
Emergency Planning College
(EPC) in partnership
with Serco, an international service company that manages the EPC for and on
behalf of the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. The course has
been designed to help individuals develop their own personal resilience and to
understand the ‘what ifs’. This will allow them to plan how to deal with them,
prioritise them and lessen the affects to the individual and their family. It
is ideal if you want to understand the actual risks to you and your family, and
how to be prepared in an emergency. Professionals who may be involved in
community resilience planning may also find the course beneficial.

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying types of emergencies
  • Risks, hazards and threats assessment
  • Impact and consequences of emergencies
  • Developing emergency plans
  • Individually preparing for emergencies
  • Developing personal resilience

And by the end of the course, individuals will be able to:

  • Assess the likelihood of risks, hazards and threats
  • Develop the skills to evaluate actual risk and understand
    how you could react in an emergency
  • Explain the difference between threats vs hazards and
    intention vs capability
  • Explore information available, for use in your emergency
  • Improve your own personal resilience to become more
    prepared for disruption

course can be found at

Click here for more information and for answers to course FAQs.


is the UK’s national centre for resilience learning and development services;
we develop people, teams and organisations through training, exercising and

Serco is
an international service company, improving essential services for customers
around the world.

By Beverley Griffiths, Executive Lead on the course

Beverley is Resilience Capability Lead with responsibility for management and development of the Crowd and Public Safety capability, also advises on Business Continuity, Risk, Security & Safety, Crisis Management.

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