Could you be our next programme evaluator?

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To tie in with the start of our final round of National Lottery Reaching Communities England funding, we are on the look out for an experienced programme evaluator to come on board until May 2024.

Having this funding secured has given the team an opportunity to reflect on what has worked well to date, as well as what can be improved as we move into a period that has been deeply affected by the COVID pandemic and will be continually affected by the growing climate emergency. During this new phase of the programme we are developing a hybrid delivery approach of standardised online and bespoke in-person training; refining the website alongside this to help create a national and active network for community volunteers and partners. Alongside this, we will be designing and implementing a sustainability plan that ensures the longevity of Communities Prepared as a national community emergency volunteer support network beyond May 2024.

To achieve this is going to require continual evidence-based reflection and adaptation to respond to the changing and urgent context of emergency preparedness, response and recovery. This is where our new evaluator comes in.

Headline evaluation roles include: collaboratively finalising a new evaluation framework; leading quarterly reflection meetings with the team; designing, facilitating and implementing a mid-term evaluation and follow-up workshop; designing, facilitating and implementing an end of project evaluation process, report and workshop; and being willing/able to adapt findings for sharing with a wider audience.

The evaluation partner will need to directly engage with those involved in the project, including the programme team, partners and wider stakeholders (communities and resilience professionals). It is expected that both the mid-term and end of project evaluation will result in explanations and recommendations on what has worked, how and for whom as well as what has not worked and why.

Interested in finding out more? Please see the spec below, and a summary of the evaluation work carried out for our programme to date. We’d love you to get in touch if you have any questions. The deadline for proposals is Friday 29th July – we looking forward to hearing from you!

Communities Prepared Evaluation brief June 2022

Communities Prepared Evaluation summary October 2018 – May 2022

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