Flood Volunteer Part 1


The purpose of this training module is to provide Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs) with a background knowledge of the causes of flooding and how CEVs can assist their community to prepare and cope with flooding.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this module you should:

  • Understand river catchments and the impact climate change is having on flooding
  • Know the different types of flooding and factors that can influence it
  • Understand how flood risk is communicated by the Environment Agency
  • Know how the weather and flood warning systems work
  • Know who is responsible for managing flood risk
  • Understand your potential role as a CEV before, during and after a flood

This course is recommended for all CEV groups, whether just starting out or seeking to refresh their knowledge.

Contact us to book this training session for your group with one of our training officers, check our events list to see if we’re running an open session near you or call our advice line on 0117 910 3930 to find out more. You can also download the training pack for your own use if you don’t want to arrange a session with us.

Once you have completed this training we would advise completing Flood Volunteer Training Part 2, available here. And then why not use our online refresher training course in a few months’ time to keep your knowledge up to date?

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