Community Crisis Recovery Training

As lockdown restrictions are lifted, communities across the country are looking at ways to rebuild and strengthen. Created in response to COVID-19, but applicable to all civil emergencies, this timely resource from Communities Prepared supports Community Emergency Volunteer (CEV) groups and Town and Parish Councils as they navigate this phase and in turn, guide their communities.

Download this resource for key information and practical guidance on moving through a range of emergencies to a ‘new normal’ and navigating the steps in between.

Module objectives:

  • Understanding Crisis Recovery
  • The Crisis Recovery timeline
  • Who’s responsible?
  • The Crisis Recovery structure
  • Building a community narrative
  • Putting back better
  • Incorporating lessons learnt
  • Understanding community mental health
  • Messaging / communications
  • Commemoration / celebration

This module was delivered in the form of a webinar throughout June 2020 in partnership with National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and featured interactive breakout sessions and Q&As. If your CEV group or Town and Parish council is interested in receiving the via webinar, with information tailored to your community, please get in touch.


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