Community fundraising

One of the key aims of Communities Prepared is to support the
longer-term sustainability of CEV groups. Our fundraising training offers
guidance on how to promote the activities of your group and its important role
within the community, as well as advice on planning for its future development.

Our training will support you to:

  • Identify and set out your funding requirements – this will be based on the level of Communities Prepared training and support you feel your group would benefit from
  • Understand the different types of funding and prioritise accordingly
  • Keep up-to-date with funding opportunities in your area
  • Feel confident in writing and submitting a funding application – from setting out the project and justifying the need to identifying the core activities and creating a budget

One of the most important factors in writing a grant application is evidencing the need for the project and setting out the benefits for members of the community. Local volunteer groups are often much better placed to answer these questions, having insight into the needs and priorities of their communities. As a coordinator or member of a CEV group, you are likely to know or be able to access key details around your local geography, demographics and capabilities that funders require, including:

  • Type of severe weather risk your community faces
    and details of previous emergencies
  • Number of vulnerable residents in your
  • Details of partnerships with key stakeholders –
    emergency services and other responder agencies
  • Parish/town council contacts and status of
    emergency plan
  • Identified gaps in knowledge and/or confidence when
    responding to emergency events

“Because I’ve lived here all my life, I had the background knowledge of where the culverts were. They called me the local knowledge coordinator.”

Megan Hart, Brixham Community Emergency Response Team Coordinator

The presentation here provides an introduction to community fundraising for CEV groups, but we also offer fundraising workshops tailored to your local community. To find out more about the support on offer or to register your interest, please contact us.


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