Public Health Volunteer Training

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Communities Prepared developed public health volunteer training resources to help Community Emergency Volunteers and spontaneous local groups better understand public health emergencies and their potential role in supporting community resilience.

These resources have been designed to be used by anyone keen to volunteer and support vulnerable members of their community during a public health emergency, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also wider health emergencies. The information provided is reflective of the wider context, but can be adapted and tailored by volunteers and groups for use in their own community.

Training topics covered include:

What is a health emergency
Types of health emergency
– Temperature extremes
– Hazardous chemical or bacteria release
– Local communicable disease

Who does what in a health emergency
Your role before a health emergency
Your role during a health emergency
Your role after a health emergency
Safety during a health emergency
Triggering a call out
Coronavirus briefing

Hear Senior Project Officer for the programme, Paul Robertson, delivering the training as a webinar to volunteers in Wiltshire. Listen here.

Contact us to find out about online training sessions with one of our training officers. You can download the training pack for your own use and adapt it accordingly.

Once you have completed this training check out our full list of available modules here, which cover topics such as flooding, snow and utilities failures.


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