Utility Volunteer Training


This module provides an introduction to the operation of utility networks, how they react to interruptions to the supply network, and how Community Emergency Volunteer groups can assist in this.

Utility outages can be very disruptive to our everyday lives, with so much of our day to day activities reliant on a reliable supply of power, gas, water, sewerage and telecommunications. The services that keep our modern society functioning can quickly begin to unravel when the supply of any of these essential utilities is reduced or impeded.

For this reason the four main utility network suppliers that operate in your area are recognised as Category 2 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act and are represented on the Local Resilience Forum.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module you will feel confident in understanding:

  • How the utility networks operate
  • What procedures to follow when an outage occurs
  • Potential roles of a CEV before, during and after a utility failure
  • How a utilities call out would be triggered
  • Important safety advice during a utility failure

This module is recommended for Community Emergency Volunteer (CEV) groups looking to build their skills in responding to multiple emergencies. It is also relevant for: community organisations, Town and Parish Councils and those interested or working in community resilience and related sectors.

This module can be delivered as an interactive webinar, tailored to your community or region and in partnership with local agencies. To find out more, please contact the Communities Prepared team.

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