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June 27th, 2024 5:15 PM   to   6:45 PM
The Community Emergency Planning Workshops aim to empower community volunteers, especially those with limited experience, in creating effective Community Emergency Plans. These sessions cover essential elements and diverse plan formats, facilitating discussions on real-life scenarios. The desired outcomes include participants recognising the ongoing importance of plan development, understanding key considerations, and gaining clarity on the steps involved in creating and maintaining their community emergency plans.

Workshop aim: 

The workshop aims to empower participants to complete their Community Emergency Plan.

Who is it for:

It is primarily designed for community volunteers with limited experience in emergency plans, although local government representatives have increasingly become part of our community.

Workshop topics:

The workshop covers the basics of an emergency plan, its essential components, and the various formats it can take. Facilitated discussions explore real-life scenarios, accompanied by practical examples. Additionally, the workshop addresses topics such as GDPR, insurance, and risk assessment.

Desired outcomes:

These include participants recognising the importance of continuous development in community emergency plans, understanding the key considerations for their specific plans, and gaining clarity on the steps involved in writing and maintaining these plans.

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June 27th, 2024 5:15 PM   to   6:45 PM

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