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Recap: Insights from the National Conference on Societal Resilience

In March, Nick, Richard and Alice from the Communities Prepared team attended the second National Conference on Societal Resilience, at the University of Manchester, along with around 180 other attendees from a mix including Local Resilience Forums, Resilience organisations, Central government representatives, consultancies, and academics. So what did we learn, and what does this mean […]

Passion and Momentum at the Flood and Water Management Expo 2023

We were so pleased to take part in the newly rebranded Flood and Water Management Expo last month, and to see so many of you there at our stand and our workshop with JBA Consulting. Delivery Manager Mike Anthony and Senior Project Officers Richard Hood and Alice Moorcroft-Hughes attended from the Communities Prepared team and […]

We’re here to hear you: The Community Flood Zone at the Flood and Water Management Expo 2023

Thanks to the success of last year, the Community Flood Zone is returning with the explicit aim of centring the public in the discussion around flooding. Developed by Communities Prepared and flood specialist organisations, this is a space to come with your questions, concerns and experiences and help to steer the priorities of the flood services sector and the wider conversation around flooding and community resilience.

Protecting yourself and your community in a heatwave  

Whether or not our summer arrives, we are still likely to face prolonged periods of heat, this year and beyond. How can we protect ourselves and others? What could we consider doing as communities to be better prepared? All of this and more will be answered in our new blog post from one of our new communities prepared team members, Alice Moorcroft-Hughes, looking at heatwaves and what communities can do to be able to withstand the hot weather to come. 

Exploring Society’s Pursuit for Climate Resilience

JBA Consulting’s Phil Emonson’s reflects on last month’s Flood and Coast workshop collaboration with Communities Prepared and on wider societal resilience to climate change. With ‘whole of society’ resilience now a national government ambition, and reflecting on JBA’s own vision to ‘lead in society’s pursuit for resilience to climate change’, it was with huge pleasure […]

Engaging in the planning system can help build communities that are safer from the risks of flooding

This guest blog has been written by Celia Davis, Projects & Policy Manager at the Town and Country Planning Association and Heather Shepherd, Community and Recovery Support, National Flood Forum. The experience and risk of flooding is already a difficult reality for many people in England, and will become more common in future as a […]

Flood Expo 2022

Flood Expo 2022 is coming up and involves the launch of the brand new Community Flood Zone. This initiative gives communities an opportunity to shape the conversation around Flood prediction, prevention and support. Keep reading to learn more about this free event and how to sign up.

Takeaways from the Thames Valley LRF Community Resilience Conference

Jane Burt, Senior Project Officer for Communities Prepared, details her experience attending and taking part in the recent Thames Valley LRF Community Resilience conference, and the meaningful knowledge to be drawn from this.

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