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An Emergency Response Plan in action

In this volunteer Q&A, John Roe discusses how he and his volunteer team put into action their Emergency Response Plan in response to COVID-19.

Working together to prepare for the future

The latest news from the Communities Prepared team PLUS the importance of working collaboratively to prepare for future unknowns

From floods to pandemics: adapting to COVID-19

Emergency Officer, Andrew Turner discusses how his community volunteers in his Dorset parish adapted to the impact of COVID-19 .

Building resilience in rural communities

Communities Prepared and ACRE have published a new guide to help rural communities become more resilient in the face of emergencies.

Celebrating community emergency volunteers

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week 2020, we chatted to Calum, aged 25, about his role with the Bradford on Avon Town Council Community Emergency Volunteers.

Coronavirus case studies: NALC

Claire Goldfinch, Project Officer at NALC shares examples of the inspiring work being done by local councils across England to support their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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